What does community transport mean to the passengers?

What does community transport mean to the passengers?

To one family in Tetbury Community Transport has been absolutely life changing. The family use all the services offered by Community Connexions in Tetbury.


They use the volunteer car service to attend appointments. “The volunteer car drivers all the drivers are so kind and helpful especially when we have hospital, dentist, opticians and doctor’s appointments. We all get nervous before our appointments, the drivers are always so cheerful and helpful, doing their best to put us at ease.”


“We use the Shopper bus service on a Thursday morning – my husband and I enjoy it because the drivers and the helper are always so kind and helpful. They carry our shopping and take us straight to the door. We couldn’t ask for more and we meet old friends and make new friends on the shopper bus, we all enjoy it and there are no worries about carrying heavy shopping.”


The family have also taken part in the special trips organised in Tetbury, visiting  shopping centres and touring beautiful countryside.


“Saturday special trips are fabulous, absolutely brilliant. All staff are kind, helpful and patient to everyone. They show that Tetbury is a lovely, lovely place with lovely people. There is always laughter on a Saturday trip,  my husband and I always look forward to the trips and meeting different and new people as well as old friends. We visit places we’ve never been. We see the beautiful countryside too which is so nice.”


The family were unable to leave the house without difficulty and were isolated from friends.

driver standing by Commnity Connexions community transport bus