Ever wondered what it’s like to volunteer for Community Connexions? Meet Ben, he’s a new volunteer driver and shares with us his experience from his first month:

“Before my first journey at the beginning of January, I wasn’t expecting that being a Community Connexions volunteer driver would be a “people” role. But, my first month as a Connexions driver provided me with so many opportunities to meet, help, and enjoy spending time with people. Every passenger has been different, interesting and grateful. It’s been a delightful surprise to find that there is such a wonderfully human aspect to the role. My prior assumption that a Connexions driver is nothing more than a means to the ends of getting from A to B has been proved a little short of the mark!

The passengers are not the only people who have accompanied me through my first four weeks with Connexions. When out on the road the Connexions office staff have always been at the end of the phone to advise me if I find that a passenger has failed to show up on time for a journey, or the office staff have offered support if I have been unexpectedly delayed en route to a pick-up. Connexions office staff also have been incredibly helpful via email as I’ve negotiated the learning bumps along the paperwork road in my first month of being a Connexions driver. There is some small amount of necessary paperwork to work through (e.g. timesheets for the journey of each shift), but these are no big deal. Easy to understand once explained.

Of course, becoming a Connexions driver is a commitment; people are relying on me to get them to and from important appointments. But also, I have been pleased that each week I have remained in control of when and how much driving I do. I am a working Dad, so this freedom and flexibility is important to me.

Being a Connexions driver has given real meaning to my free time. And, in ways I wasn’t expecting.”