For the first time in over 10 years, Community Connexions are changing our registration fee. We have tried hard over the years to keep the costs down despite rising inflation, but it has unfortunately reached a point where we cannot continue sustainably without reacting to it.

As of 1st April 2019, we will be changing our registration fee from £10 to £15 in accordance with the Bank of England’s inflation calculator.

We are committed to keeping costs down as much as possible to allow our services to be accessible, which is why we are still resisting the effects of inflation where possible. However, rising inflation over the years has affected the cost of fuel, the standing prices, and the running costs of our vehicles, among other things.

We hope that the change in registration fee will not be a barrier to people wanting to use our services. The national living wage and state pension are also set to rise in April 2019. The changes in Community Connexions’ registration fees reflect the changes across the country, not the charity’s values. We are not for profit and hope that by changing our fees in accordance with the times, we will remain able to continue helping people for many years to come.